Sulemani Hakeek Stone

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Sulemani Hakeek Stone

Our Sulemani Hakeek is a partial valuable gemstone is to be utilized by numerous crystal gazers to invalidate the detestable impacts of Rahu and Ketu according to Indian astrology. This is dark in shading without or with next to no lines obvious on it.

Who Should Wear Sulemani Hakeek?

It can be worn by the zodiac sign of any individuals possibly it might be male, child or female. This gemstone possesses no reactions. Close around 90% individuals feel great by wearing our range of Sulemani Hakeek.
Sulemani Hakkek is discovered in the area such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Madagascar, India and many such areas.

Advantages of Sulemani Hakeek:

It is declared that a man ought to put on sulemani hakkek who possess malefic or negative impacts in their horoscope.
Individuals who fall sick ought to put on sulemani hakeek. It reinforces the wealth as well as health enhances physical adjust.
It is extremely gainful for the individuals who are into service sector or business.
It upgrades the physical and emotional well-being.
Sulemani Hakeek prevents the negative considerations as well as enhances the mind sharp.
It helps backward the impacts of obstacles in day by day life circumstances.
The individuals who put on sulemani hakkek, individual has regulation over self impact, duty and increments in cognizance.
It help to dispose of psychological wellness, restlessness and so forth.
It controls feelings and construct certainty.
It has the solid fascination forces and it possesses the quality to make people to support you.
This pearl gives care in life and love, in the event that you are confronting any issue in affection connection or wedded life, so you ought to wear this stone.

Sulemani Hakeek Price:

Sulemani hakeek cost every carat relies on its weight, quality and treatments. (color and clarity).
Real Sulemani hakeek cost in India varies in Rs. 20 – Rs.250 every carat.

Which One Should I Purchase?

Partial white and partial black color of our product is the ideal and cost scope is 90/- every ratti.

Sulemani Hakeek Gemstone Quality:

The caliber of our product relies on 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat.
For Astrological reason, quality relies on primarily on clarity as well as bit on color.
The structure of our provided gemstone has ornamental importance and not astrological.

Where Should I Buy Natural Sulemani Hakeek?

Be cautious the same number of trustworthy merchants offer low quality or manufactured Sulemani Hakeek to clueless client. When you purchase online gemstones, guarantee that you acquire a Lab authentication of the credibility of gemstone.
The dealer ought to likewise have an unmistakable discount approach.
You can purchase our product from home at where the authentic gemstone costs are sensible and in the ideal caliber. We esteem your trust above whatever else and accordingly, give a lab declaration which guarantees that your gemstone is truly original. Additionally, you can pay when the product is delivered at your doorstep as we give free dispatching to our range all throughout the world.

How to Wear a Sulemani Hakeek Gemstone?

The last and first decision is the metal for our product should be Silver.

Process to put on Sulemani Hakeek:
Our Sulemani Hakkek is put on in the central/second finger on any hand that is your main hand. It can additionally be put on as pendant. Further, Saturday is the ideal day to wear our product yet only in the morning.

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