Opal Stone

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Opal Stone

Opal also known as Upal is a partial valuable gemstone discovered in assortment of hues such as blue, green, white and pink.

Opal (Upal)

Opal also known as Upal is a partial valuable gemstone discovered in assortment of hues such as blue, green, white and pink.

Who Should Wear It?

It is the ornament for Libra zodiac symbol. In Indian Astrology, this is among the rashi ratna for Libra (Tula) and Taurus (Vrish). Opal stone reinforces planet Venus and gives on its wearer certainty, magnificence, great well-being, love and success. Dominants of Virgo as well as Gemini can additionally wear Opal gemstone.

Which Opal Stone Shall I Purchase?

  • Opal gemstone ought to in a perfect world weigh no less than 1/tenth of weight of the body. For instance, suppose the body weight is 60 kg, then stone will be of 6 carat+.
  • The stone ought to ideally be spots-free, have immaculate shading and in addition, no thermal or chemical processing.
  • In Opals with flame, the color and pattern of the fire ought to be intense as well as vivid.

Opal Profits:

  • Our opal gemstone fortifies Venus that is the leader of luxury as well as relationship in astrology.
  • Individuals include in imaginative fields such as painting, theater, music, dancing and so on get incalculable advantages of our Opal stone.
  • It is accepted to enhance the working of the urinary framework, particularly the kidneys.
  • This benefits individuals who bargain in things related with fine living such as fashion, expensive cars, clothes, jewelry and many more such things.
  • Medicinally, our stone is declared to profit the Endocrine system as well as keep up the adjust of hormonal emissions.

Cost Of Our Stone?

Opal cost per carat relies on its weigh (carat/ratti), caliber as well as processing (color, clarity and cut).

Opal With White Color That Has Flame Cost In India:

  • Original and natural Australian stone of opal cost in India lies between Rs. 700 – 3,700 for every carat.
  • For optimal Astrological impacts, your prime decision ought to be Australian Opal of white color value Rs. 3,700 for each carat. Your second decision ought to be the nature of white opal with price of Rs. 1,900 for every carat lastly, your third decision ought to be the caliber with cost of Rs. 1,200 for every carat.
  • The cost of Australian opal for every carat can be changed over in Opal stone cost per ratti by duplicating it by 0.6. For example, INR 10,000/ct is equal to INR 6,000/ratti.

Price Of White Opal In India

Australian opal of white hue costs in India are not high. Further, for Astrological impact, individuals want to purchase it with flame over White opal stone cost per carat of Rs. 250/ct.

The nature of Opal relies on its cut, clarity and cut.
For Astrological reason, the Opal's caliber depends essentially on its clarity and color.
The shape and cut of it just has decorative importance as well as no visionary significance.

Where To Get?

  • Be watchful the same number of merchants offer treated and heated Opal gemstones, which has look alluring yet don't have high prophetic value. In this way, when you purchase Opal on the web, guarantee that you obtain a Lab Certification of its credibility from a Putative Lab as well as that the merchant is prepared to obtain the gemstone confirmed from any presumed lab of your decision.
  • The dealer ought to additionally possess a reasonable Refund arrangement. You can purchase an Opal on the web at sairattan.in, there your will obtain the real stones that are sensible and whose caliber is the best.
  • We esteem your trust above whatever else and thusly, give a free lab authentication which guarantees that the Opal gemstone is completely natural. Additionally, you can pay money down as we give free dispatching to our items around the world. We additionally have a client-amiable return as well as a policy of refund.

Which Is The Ideal Replacement For Opal?

Our offered opal is a stone, which is for planet Venus as well as is put on as a replacement for Diamond. In addition, for amended Astrological impacts, you can put on a White Sapphire or a Zircon.

How to Wear?


The main decision as the aluminiferous for Opal ought to be Gold. In addition, the second decision as the aluminiferous for Opal stone ought to be Silver or at last, Panchdhatu.

Procedure for Wearing:

It is put on in the forefinger of the suitable hand, I.E, individual who use their hand to do majority of their work. It ought to be wear on early morning of Friday prior to 12 PM amid the Shukla Paksh.

Chemical Composition:

Opal is hydrous silicon dioxide that implies it possesses to a great degree elevated water content as well as a formless precious stone structure

Chemical Formula SiO2_nH2O – Hydrous Silicon Dioxide
Crystal Structure Grape or Kidney shaped aggregates
Hardness 5.5 – 6.5 on Moh’s scale
Refractive Index 1.37 – 1.52
Density 1.98 – 2.50
Transparency Transparent to Opaque
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