Lapis Lazuli Stone

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Lapis Lazuli Stone

A semiprecious gemstone that is known as Lapis Lazuli has been acclaimed among us people since antiquated days. It is a dark blue shaded murky gemstone with excellent inner specks of brown or golden shading. This is a typical gemstone of shrewdness and truth. It is additionally discovered in the Russia and USA.

Who Can Wear It?

It is related with the region sun symbol of Sagittarius and in addition, is under the potency of Saturn. This is the birth ornament for the time of February.

Which One To Obtain?

  • The perfect weight ought to no less than 1/tenth of weight of body.
  • It is more often than not of wonderful extreme dark blue shading.
  • This ought to need to show splendid inner bit of brown or golden shading.


  • Our stones of Lapis Lazuli are declared to animate intelligence, practical insight, truth and comprehension. It additionally help during the time spent learning by improving memory based properties.
  • It is additionally accepted to improve advancement and achievement. It is additionally thought to be a stone of companionship and convey agreement to relationships.
  • Restoratively, these are said to be profoundly useful to the throat, vocal chords and larynx.
  • It is advantageous for journalists, psychologists and executives.


  • The nature of gemstone relies on upon its cut, shading and lucidity.
  • It ought to show lovely and serious dark blue shading with brownish or golden inner bits.
  • For Astrological reason, caliber depends for the most part on the shading play of our stone.
  • The cut or features has just decorative noteworthiness and not prophetic.

Best Replacement Of The Stone:

It possesses no substitutes in view of its one of a kind and particular inclusions.

How To Wear:


The foremost decision of metal for our stone Lapis Lazuli ought to be Platinum or Silver. Gold ought to be the last decision and ought to for the most part be stayed away from.

Procedure For Wearing:

It should be put on in the center finger of the suitable hand. Saturday is the day on which the stone should be worn in the evening amid the Krishna Paksh, that is, Waning Moon.

Chemical Compound:

Lapis Lazuli is primarily made out of the Lazurite mineral, with extra different minerals comprising white calcite.

Chemical Formula Na6Ca2
Crystal Structure Cubic, dense aggregates
Hardness 5.00 – 6.00 on Moh’s scale
Refractive Index 1.50
Density 2.50 – 3.00
Transparency Opaque
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