Iolite Stone

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Iolite Stone

IOLITE ( Kaka Neeli)
Iolite (kaka Neeli) is a semi precious gemstone, mostly found in shades of blue color, which exhibits pleochroism.

Who Should Wear An Iolite?
Iolite stone is the birthstone for Virgo sun sign (23 Aug-23 Sep). In Vedic Astrology, Kaka Neeli gemstone is the rashi ratna for Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh). Kaka Neeli stone strengthens Saturn (Shani) and brings professional success, wealth, prosperity and mental strength. Iolite gemstone is worn as a substitute for Neelam stone (Blue Sapphire).

Which Iolite Stone Should I Buy?
Iolite gemstone should ideally weigh at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60kg body weight = 6 carat+ stone)
The stone should preferably have high clarity, pure color and no chemical or heat treatments.
For best astrological effects, Indian Iolite gemstones are considered ideal.

Iolite Gemstone Benefits:

Iolite stone is considered to be the best stone of healing, commitment and mental health. It calms the state of mind of the wearer, brings resolute thoughts and brings natural happiness of the person.
Iolite is considered to be a very favorable stone for the planet Saturn (Shani). Therefore, Kaka Neeli stone benefits the professional aspect of one’s life very positively.
Great benefit of Iolite stone is received by wearers who work in a business dealing in fuels, oil, paints, coal and iron etc.
In Medical and Physical healing, it is believed that Iolite benefits people who are suffering from substance abuse and addictions.
Iolite stone benefits the sleep cycle of its wearer. If Iolite suits you, then sound sleep, good dreams and a fresh mind will be some of the effects of Kaka Neeli gemstone.

Iolite Stone Price:

Iolite stone price in India depends upon Weight (carat/ratti), Treatments and Quality (cut, color and clarity).
Natural and original Iolite price in India generally lies between Rs. 300 – Rs. 800 per carat and above.
To receive best Astrological effects of Kaka Neeli gemstone, you should choose the price of Rs. 800 per carat. Your second choice should be the quality of Rs. 500 per carat.
Price of Iolite gemstone per carat can be converted into Iolite per ratti by multiplying it by 0.6 (so, Rs. 10,000/ct = Rs. 6,000/ratti).

Iolite Quality:

The quality of Iolite depends upon its cut, color and clarity.
The color of Iolite generally varies from smoky pale to deep violet blue and sometimes grey, green and yellowish brown too.
For Astrological purpose, it is preferred to have an Iolite stone with high clarity.

Where Should I Buy Natural Iolite?

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or heated Iolite having less or no astrological effects. Therefore, when you buy Iolite online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice (Careful! There are fake labs as well).
The seller should also have a clear Refund policy. You can buy Iolite gemstone online at where the original stones are reasonable and quality is the best.
We value your trust above anything else and therefore, provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Iolite gemstone is 100% natural. Also, you can pay cash on delivery as we provide free shipping for our products worldwide. We also have a customer – friendly return and refund policy.

Which is the Best Substitute for Iolite?

Kaka Neeli are worn as best substitute for Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Therefore, Amethyst and Blue Topaz are the substitutes for Iolite gemstones. However, substitutes are not astrologically effective as the primary stone.

How To Wear Iolite Gemstone?

The first choice as the metal for Iolite should be Silver. The second choice as the metal should be Panchdhatu.

Procedure for Wearing Iolite:

Iolite is worn in the middle finger of the correct hand (left-hand for left-handed people and right-hand for right-handed people). It should be worn on Saturday evening during the Krishna Paksh (Waning Moon).

Chemical Composition of Lolite:

Lolite is the gem variety of the mineral Cordierite.

Chemical Formula Mg2Al3[Al Si5O18]
Hardness 7 to 7.5 on Moh’s scale
Refractive Index 1.542 – 1.578
Color Blue, Violet, Brownish, Yellowish and Gray
SG (Specific Gravity) 2.6 – 2.7
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