Blue Sapphire Stone

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Blue Sapphire Stone

BLUE SAPPHIRE is one of the hardest stone. It also known as “Neelam” it is execellent for Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac sign, It represents saturn in solar system.Saturn is a planet who teach us discipline. It makes a person hardworking and disciplined. Some people have Saturn in wrong position in their birth chart create trouble in their life. Neelam can help out those by making negative energy to positive.In some cases neelam become harmful (May be fatal) for the wearer so it is suggested make sure before you wear.Blue sapphire worn in gold, asth dathu panchdhatu ring. Person will wearing ring in his/her finger create an aura of positive energy and a person feel confident as well as energetic and able to make right decisions.

Blue sapphire is also recommended for person who suffer from ‘sadhe sati’.it is that phase which comes once in everybody life. During this period person suffer from financial loses,health sapphire reduce the effect of sadhe sati.It also protect us from evil eyes.

Health issues like knee problem and bones problem ,surgery,paralysis lack of energy level related to negativeor weak saturn. Wearing blue sapphire is best option for them as per recommendation of astrologer. Some more benefits of Blue Sapphire keeps the mind focused and helps them to have a spiritually inclined life with a mind for meditation.

Blue sapphire makes relationship with workers employees’ stable .It create an obstacle between negative energy. The beneficiary can feel the positive effects of blue sapphire very easily. Person wearing blue sapphire have peaceful mind .and as we known that a person can make better decision in state of sound mind.

Best day to purchase Neelam is Saturday. A Person should wear Neelam in his/her middle finger on Saturday.

Chemical Composition Aluminium Oxide
Crystal system Trigonal
Surface Marking Growth hillocks, criss cross marking
Habit Prismatic Tabular
Form Prism Pinacoid
Color/Varieties Sapphire blue,Bluish green, Lamp light purple
Hardness 9
Cleavage Absent,parting is present
Specific gravity 3.99
Optic character DR
Optic figure Uniaxial
Pleochroism Dichroic
Refractive index 1.76-1.77
Double Refraction 0.008
Absorption Spectrum Ruby-Band centered at 550mm
Blue sapphire-band at 450nm
Inclusions Silk,hexagonal color zoning, parting planes,Zircon haloes,two phase,liquid fingerprints, crystals
Sources Sapphire india, Srilanka, Burma, India, Cambodia,USA


Blue sapphire are made by adding 0.1 to 0.3 percent TiO2 to the feed powder, the boule is grown in the normal way and then reheated to about 1300 degree Celsius

This causes the previously disseminated rutile to take up needle like forms in six at right angles to the vertical axis of the boule. Stones are cut with the cabochon top coinciding with the top of the boule. Stars in synthetic corundum are notably perfect with bright, even rays reaching the edge of the stone and backs are flat and smooth.


Glass filling in blue sapphire was first observed in Thailand in 2007. In 2007 we found Cobalt colored sapphire in Chantaburi market.

The process of glass filling is the low grade blue sapphire and a high lead glass that induces blue coloration and enhances clarity. The result is a medium saturated blue color of sapphire.

These sapphires can easily identified by a Gemologist. These types of glass filled sapphires costs less than 10$ for 1 gm/5ct piece but almost 70% of jewellers are selling these types of sapphires with certification at high prices. Customers should demand a reputed lab (IGI, GIA, GRS etc) certification before buying blue sapphire.


The physical and optical properties synthetic corundum are the same those of natural stones. However the different mode of their formation, inclusion differ enough to identify them.

Synthetic show curved structure lines in blue sapphire the bands are wider and diffuse.

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